FAQs - Benefits

Q Who do you help?

A We treat each family member individually, which means assistance is available to your partner, and any dependent children under the age of 18 residing at the same address. The assistance we provide for you, does not affect the assistance we can provide for your partner or children. They are each eligible for two different therapies and generally up to £300 within a 12-month rolling period.

Q How much can you assist me with?

A Generally we are able to assist with up to £300 per therapy, and we are able to assist towards the cost of two types of alternative therapies within a 12-month rolling period.

Q When can you help me?

A We operate a rolling 12-month cycle rather than a fixed calendar year. Thus the 12-month repayment period ends one year after the first payment whenever that is during the year concerned. For example, you have an appointment on 1st June which costs £50; this comes off the available total (£300) and will be available on 1st June next year. We will cover up to £300 until 31st May the following year.

When a member has been reimbursed the maximum sum in a rolling 12-month period, no further help with this particular therapy will be provided. The cost of the appointment will become available again 12 months after an appointment. This is a continuous process and all reimbursements are based entirely on the same date on which the therapy is received (not when we process the reimbursement).

Q How do I request assistance?

A Please let us know the therapy you are seeking help with so we can send you the relevant form.

Q Do I need to have completed the Orange Form: Request for payment of medical or legal costs before I get treatments?

A No, we would just ask you to submit your first receipt along with the Orange Form.

Q Do I need a new form for every submission?

A No, if we have assisted you before and have your Orange Form on file, we will only ask you to complete a new form if you request a new therapy that we have not previously assisted you with.

Q How long will it take for me to receive my reimbursement?

A We endeavour to reimburse all receipts on the day we receive them, and send out your cheque by 1st Class post.

Q Does TBF recommend practitioners?

A Generally we ask you to find someone that is convenient to you. Prior to your appointments, please ensure your practitioner is registered with the appropriate regulatory or representative body and can provide you with all the receipt requirements.

Q What are your receipt requirements?

A When submitting your receipts, please note we also require official proof of payment in the form of either an original debit/credit card receipt, bank statement, or till receipt, if paid in cash. When paying for your treatments please ask your practitioner for a receipt on official practice stationery. This must include the following:

  • Name of person receiving the treatment
  • Date of treatment
  • Type of treatment received
  • Amount paid for treatment
  • Name and address of the practice providing the treatment by way of letter headed paper or practitioner’s stamp. This must be within Great Britain.

Receipts received electronically from your practitioner must be forwarded to us showing they have come from the original practitioner’s email account. Receipts must be submitted within 6 months of the treatment date and paid for in pounds sterling. We are only able to accept block bookings once you have had the appointments, and the receipt must state the dates and costs thereof.

Please make copies of all paperwork prior to submitting them to TBF in case they do not reach us.

Unfortunately we CANNOT accept any of the following:

  • Appointments dated before your membership is active
  • Appointments or receipts for treatment outside Great Britain
  • Treatments that form part of spa visit or any wowcher/groupon-type receipts
  • Photocopies of receipts
  • Business cards, compliment slips and appointment cards.

Q Do I need a medical recommendation for alternative therapy?

A We do not insist on you getting your GP's agreement before we help you obtain complementary treatment - though we strongly suggest you heed any views your GP may have on its suitability for you.

Q How far can you backdate reimbursements?

A Receipts can only be reimbursed within six months of the dates of your appointments so please ensure you submit your requests to avoid any disappointment.

Q When does my money become available again?

A 12 months after the date of your appointment. Please get in touch so we can let you know when your money becomes available.

Q What happens if my appointment costs more than what I have available?

A We will reimburse as much of your receipt as is available.

Q Further assistance

A In exceptional cases, where the member’s livelihood would be at risk were treatment not continued, we may be able to extend the help we offer.

Our aim is to ensure that our procedures are as simple as possible. We do not routinely request the need for a medical recommendation in order to assist with treatments; however this may be requested from time to time. When you contact us, we shall send you an Orange Form to complete on which you agree for TBF to record your details in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.