Helping Non-members

TBF is a membership charity. Without membership contributions it could not exist.

Nevertheless it is sometimes possible to offer help to non-members where particular circumstances apply. This help is provided through either the Staff Welfare Fund or the Arthur and Rose Hollingsworth Memorial.

Transport for London Staff Welfare Fund logo The Staff Welfare Fund (SWF) may be able to help those who qualify as one of its defined beneficiaries. Broadly speaking, those who are (or were) employees of Transport for London or its predecessors may be eligible for consideration, but the full list must be consulted to establish eligibility for certain. The money which constitutes the SWF was donated by Transport for London.

Other public transport staff may be helped by the Arthur and Rose Hollingsworth Memorial. The Memorial can help staff who encounter circumstances which are so extreme that they could not have been reasonably anticipated. These incidents are of such gravity that - provided resources are available from the unrestricted TBF fund and on the strict understanding that help is offered at the sole discretion of the Trustees - TBF is nevertheless able to consider offering some help. It is stressed that incidents are judged individually and each sets no precedent for whether or not it will be possible to extend help in connection with any future incident.

It is not possible to be absolutely definitive about the circumstances in which the Memorial may be able to help. In general, those involved in one of the incidents listed below will be offered convalescence or recuperation and help towards the cost of counselling as if they were members:

  • A fatal accident on duty or a witness to such an accident;
  • An accident involving the public transport vehicle in which they were working or travelling at the time in which one or more people were killed and where they were personally involved - either as the driver or as another crew member or volunteer who either witnessed the incident or was involved in clearing it up; or involved in clearing up after either of the foregoing.

On becoming aware of circumstances which may mean that TBF is able to help those involved, the TBF Chief Executive Officer will agree with two Trustees, normally the Chair and Vice-Chair, whether or not the incident is one which meets these criteria. If it is decided that it is, then the Chief Executive Officer will offer the necessary help and make appropriate arrangements, also extending help to dependants in appropriate cases.